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Lover's Manifesto

Lover's Manifesto is a solo performance exploring how we can exist as lovers outside the constraints of dominant religious and cultural narratives.


ILSNA, meaning tongues in Maltese, invites you to her first performance. She sings dark and soothing tones and spits fire in her words. She emerges from mediterranean waters to voice that which is silenced behind closed doors. ILSNA is the name Ruth Borg chooses for her vocal and music endeavours.


She began to question her own belief systems surrounding love, after experiencing parents and people in partnership around her (including herself) bound to laws of love that are smothering instead of nourishing. Who holds power over our practice of love? How can we reclaim love and rescue it from the claws of 'should be', shame and tiring justification?  


Exploring, word by word, her own truth as a lover, she began writing: her own personal ‘scriptures’, re-imagining new psalms of love. Songs which hold and incorporate the changing semitones that make up the music needed to be a lover, unsuppressed.

This work stands on the shoulders of other writers and musicians who have passionately questioned love, such as Bell Hooks, Adrienne Maree Brown, Akua Naru and Alabaster de Plume.

Photo: Lisa Attard

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