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Honey I'm talking about devotion is a physical whirlwind where human desire, brutality and tenderness come to the fore. You see a group of people who continue to diligently try to transcend the everyday as well as themselves. Amidst trashy karaoke and glittery curtains, the tone changes in a blink.

It's not a new story, we know it all too well. We live, we love, we die. There is no sublime message, come in and enjoy.

Mime Graduation Performance - 2021

Honey, I'm talking about devotion


Director - Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana


Performed and Created by

Aleksej OvsiannikovCharlotte GillainGerben VaillantNiels van HeijningenRachel Schuit*, Ruth Borg and Tom de Ronde*. 
*Due to some unfortunate injuries both Rachel and Tom will not be performing on the recording of this performance.

Light Design - Paulina Prokop
Camera - Alessio Reedijk
Executive Producer - Sanne van Loenen
Assistant Producer - Gelbrich Metselaar
Sound Technician - Geert Oddens
Light Technician - Marco Broere
Sound Advice - Robbi Meertens
Photography - Vincent van Woerkom
Filming - Alessio Reedijk

Honey foto's door Vincent van Woerkom HR-96.jpg
Honey foto's door Vincent van Woerkom HR-90_edited.jpg
Honey foto's door Vincent van Woerkom HR-67.jpg
Honey foto's door Vincent van Woerkom HR-84.jpg
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