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The Disappearance Act (TDA)

This theatre performance tears the veil of routine perception from our eyes so that we can take a closer look at our capability of leaving our own mind and bodies as we go about our day.

This is the disappearance act.

We withdraw again and again, cause somewhere else feels less, perhaps, confusing or silent than this reality.

The television/computer/phone screen - at least in there something is happening.

In October 2020 the first version of this piece was presented.



Performer/Creator: Ruth Borg

Advisor: Esmeé Begemann

Photos: Eliot Dehapse

Light: Hessel Hilgersum

Thanks to: Loes van der Pligt, Charlotte Gillain, Fleur van den Berg, Justin Schembri, Marijn de Langen, Bitha Babazadeh, Stella van Leeuwen, Lois Maat and all those who remind me to be brave.

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