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on days like this I

wish your laptop crashes,

your phone blows up.

In rosy petals.


Your lips,

mouth, tongue.

I want them.

I want your hand all over 

my tender and not-so-tender parts.

mine all over yours.


kiss me please.


In the quotidian mix let’s make time for love-making.

When we have energy.

Not just in the evening after a day’s work.


Maybe 17 years of Roman Catholicism 

in my youth are responsible for this.


—touch me lover.

touch me here and now.

not just in bed, but whenever possible.

touch me in public.

touch me while I am giving a speech.

touch me from underneath the table.

touch me when I am broken and messy and pushing through smoke.

touch me from underneath my coat, my clothes, my skin, my shields and my codified sexual movements.

touch me so I can move differently.


With you, against you and in between you.


Come touch me when I leave the bathroom during a family lunch at a beautiful restaurant on a beautiful beach.

Please fake a call.

Do it well.

Fake that someone is calling you and come to the toilet.

Come touch me there.

It might be a shitty toilet.

We’ll touch anyway.

But it might not.

It might have a small window and a small plant to purify the air even.

The window will have a beautiful sea view. 

We would be able to see the beautiful women with their beautiful bodies on the beach. 

Some are bored, some are not.


The toilet is small but we move.

We move slowly.

We come closer and then far away to look properly at each other. 


Penetrate me.

In other ways than usual.

Knock me out with your tongue in my mouth.

Brush my hair with your face.

Enter me love.

As you know how to do.

Try different things.

I’ll do the same.


I want to surprise myself more.

I also want to speak while trying out new things so that we can find our ways there. In spots of comfort we can be quiet and stay there awhile.


I want to sweat together.

I want to sweat together.

I want to sweat.

With you.

And others.

I want music in the background too.


I want to snake with you.

I want to snake with you love.

Do you know what I mean?

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