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A man and a woman. 

Their heads are round so their thoughts can change direction. 

The woman turns twenty-four tomorrow. 

The man keeps saying thank you for all the times someone took time to ask him: 

“Hey, how are you doing?”

Juxtaposition No’5 is a theatre performance inviting us to look at a pair as they try to make sense of the nonsense and nonsense of the sense. As they do so, the duo start playing, creating an independent system with their own brand of relationship structure. They encourage one another in but sometimes one of them stops or takes a sideroad. What happens then?


Concept & Performing: Aleksej Ovsiannikov, Ruth Borg

Adviser: Esther Snelder
Photographer: Ani Jo
Poster Design: Marija Grech 

Gratitude to : Class mates, partners and Loes van der Pligt

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