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Genre: Visual Theatre / Mime/ Physical Theatre/

Ages: 5+

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: Non Verbal


The wall must be neatly painted.
This is the deal.
The paint should shine and look beautiful.
The rest of the room should be kept clean.

But as soon as the paint is seen as lipstick,

things slowly get out of hand.

SSSLIP is a family show for young and old that takes us into a universe of desires, urges and attempts between two characters. They look like adults, but they play like children.


When is something mature and when is something childish?



The work stemmed from the desire to investigate slipping as a movement.
One of us was afraid of the idea of ​​actually slipping, while the other really dreaded it looking forward to diving into this! This contrast of fear and eagerness helped us create a beautiful
universe of provoke and play.

The theme of control slowly emerged from the form of slipping.
We wanted to slip, lose control, fall and crash. To let go, even if we don't knew where we would land! If we break through our daily adulthood, we would... can become dirty and childish.


Tom and Ruth

We are a theater duo that makes physical and visual theater for young and old. U.S performance work often focuses on the person who seeks, tries and tries to escape from the daily. By alienating recognizable and everyday things, we leave our audience on
on the edge of their seats.​​

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